Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mt. Massive

Well I "bagged" Mt. Massive! We didn't take the standard route but instead hiked 4 miles starting at 10,500 feet in elevation. The first mile was nice...just a teaser... then the last 3 were basically straight up! We summitted at 14,421! Second highest 14er in Colorado. Number 38 for me! I was sore more than normal due to the steepness but better than a 13 mile round trip route. It took three hours to summit and 2 to get back to the car.

I hope to get in one more this season...

Running is going good. I am seriously just running for fun! When I feel good I push it so not necessarily a "speed" workout but good. I also started going back to my trainer so have been lifting heavy once a week and easy another day. I am learning to enjoy my treadmill. I have been getting up early before work and trying to get in as much as I can in 30-35 minutes. After that though I get bored I have tried movies but the most I can get in is 5 miles and then I am DONE...I am a little ADD so not sure... I would like to run more and read about others running tons of miles on their TM's....someday I will :)

Summit of Mt. Massive

OMG I have about 6 of these pictures now to get a free sandwich at WICH WICH...I better start going HA!

Mt. Massive
 Any suggestions for running longer than 5 miles on a treadmill?

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