Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mount Rushmore and Deadwood

Another fun weekend...only three weeks left of summer break :(

My husband has been having some knee issues so we decided to not hike a 14er this weekend and we decided to go to SOUTH DAKOTA!! Crazy huh? Well it's only six hours away and David had never seen Mount Rushmore. I had in 1997 and I remember that I had a great time. So we got a great rate on a hotel room and decided to stay in Deadwood. We went to Crazy horse and it's still not done...I had been there almost 15 years ago and it wasn't done then. Driving up I thought for sure it was and I was told David this is going to be soo cool....and it still wasn't finished HA. It still is a cool place to go and museum.

Onward to Mount Rushmore it was nice weather and we took lots of pics.

Then we checked into our hotel room in Deadwood and headed to downtown. What a cool town and we don't even gamble. The next day we  went to a very cool museum and cemetery in Deadwood. We are just fascinated by the old mining towns. It's amazing how they lived back then. Then we headed to another minng town, Leed.

We bar hopped in deadwood and gambled penny slots.....I won 3 bucks! Ha
We met these ladies from London and we went to the one dance club in town and danced the night away! So fun they had canned beer at the club soo funny!

Until next weekend...I wonder will we will go next?

Have you ever been to Crazy Horse?

If you have been to Deadwood where did you stay?

Token photo at Mt. Rushmore

Partying in Deadwood, SD and we WEREN'T the oldest one in there...close though

New friends from London

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