Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Day of summer!

I am summer break! Yeah!
I have 8 weeks off to hopefully train and get in great running shape! I have a few side jobs lined up but nothing major. We aren't traveling a lot this summer just weekend trips and hopefully climbing a bunch of 14er's!

On my first day of break a really great friend of mine invited me on a crazy hard trail run. She is moving to Steamboat, CO and I will miss her tons! We met at the trailhead near Nederland, CO. I met some great women! One had run the Leadville 100 four times!!! Another lady participated in the Leadwomen. She did ALL of this:
Entrants compete in Trail Marathon, Leadville Silver Rush 50-Mile Mountain Bike Race, a 10K, Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race, and Leadville Trail 100-Mile Run.HOLY CRAP!! I can't even imagine.

This summer I am volunteering for the Leadville 100 just to see what it's like. I would like to get into ultras in the next few years. I just wish my body would cooperate.

The run was great i just had on a huge camelback so I need to get a smaller one for running it was pretty annoying.

At the beginning

Lots of water along the way

About halfway

Rollins Pass above (old RR tracks).   

David and I on those RR tracks Labor Day 2011!!!

Almost made it to the continental divide but too much snow...why not slide down :)

It was an amazing 12 mile run/hike. What a great way to start off the summer!I will miss you Les!!

Has anyone ran the Leadville 100?

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  1. Wow, what a great trail run with your friends! Super jealous! Sorry your friend's moving, but now you have a place to stay in Steamboat ... one of my favorite places :).

    Hell no, never done the Leadville 100. I may crew for someone this year if I bag Pikes Peak (a huge possibility). I am doing the Leadville Heavy Half at the end of the month though. I need to get my sorry butt up to the mountains and get in some altitude!