Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trail Running Fun!

Even though I am stressed to the max with an upcoming job interview I had a great weekend! A little yard work, some shopping for an interview outfit, relaxing and trail running. I love trail running but have realized that I need a balance. If I trail run too much I get discouraged at my extremely slow pace. I love running on the dirt though. It feels so good on my legs and it's gorgeous! I didn't take my camera on the run but next time I will.

Our lilacs blooming in our backyard. They smell so good!

Happy Hour at our house Friday afternoon.

Friday night dinner Can I say YUM!!!

Can't wait to plant more!

My neighborhood.

Walking around lake in my neighborhood.

Taking a break on 1.5 mile walk.

Sunday's trail run in Evergreen, CO
Do you trail run? If you are in Colorado what is your favorite?

Do you enjoy yard work?

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  1. Hey girl...hope the job interview went well and you got it!!! I'm quasi looking for a new job....well, looking for ANY job, and I know how stressful it can be.

    The neighborhood looks so nice. You and I don't live in the same area of town, that's for sure. I live by Cherry Creek Res. I've never run on those trails either. Sometimes I drive to Bear Creek or Lair o the Bear, White Mountain Ranch, Lookout Mt. ... trails around the foothills mostly. Pretty, of course, but I like don't like my pace dragging at a snail's one either. hahah.

    Happy (chilly!) weekend!