Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY Kitchen Cabinets REVEAL.....

The Cabinets are done!! Yeah! I will say I learned a lot in this process and they turned out better then expected!

When we bought the house this is what the previous owners had...YUCK!!!!

Let's start from the beginning....

The Design

Last summer (2010) we made all of the boxes and installed those.

So we lived in this kitchen for about a year......which people thought was cool and the latest trend of no cabinet fronts....

 So we lived like this for a year...

Then it was time to make the cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
Slab of Rustic Walnut

We chose Rustic Walnut for our wood. We started this in February 2011. We planed and sanded many times as well as sprayed and filled in the knots with this black epoxy, made the trim pieces and so many other things to make these perfect.

Finally August 2011 the Install. They turned out way better than I had thought! WOW!

Love the hardware we chose.

You can see the these were 2 pieces of wood and we glued them together to make the panel.

So a great experience. We still have the toe kick around the island and the crown but other than that they are done!


  1. Beautiful!!! Very nice work.
    I see my future flashing before my eyes. . .
    Hope it doesn't take a year though ;)

  2. Wow--these look amazing! As someone who is in the process of merely INSTALLING kitchen cabinets, I can't imagine how much work went into this entire process. It was worth it though, you kitchen looks great!

  3. I love them great wood work guys!!!!

  4. Wow!! The kitchen looks fantastic - I'm in awe of handy people!